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This website can not provide professional therapeutic diagnosis, treatment, or advice for anyone’s specific life situation.  It is not in any way a substitute for actual participation in therapy.

Also, I am not licensed to give legal or medical advice; and none of the information on this website constitutes legal or medical advice.I have included links to various websites and/or resources under the “Resources” section of this website. Those links are provided as a courtesy.  They do not constitute a thorough survey of available resources. The inclusion of these links should not be interpreted as a recommendation or endorsement; and none of the entities that are linked here, pay me for including links to their websites or other contact information.

I have served as an assistant/independent contractor with Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and in that capacity I have received financial compensation for my role in organizing Somatic Experiencing trainings and providing student educational sessions for credit towards certification. I also may receive financial compensation for any Somatic Experiencing introductory seminars I conduct. Other than my own individual conduct in those aforementioned capacities, I am not responsible for any content, efficacy, conduct, or practices of any of the resources or entities I have provided links to.

I used to collect email addresses of people who wanted to subscribe to my newsletter. I only collected email addresses of people who voluntarily shared them with me, so they could receive my newsletter. Those addresses were hosted at MailChimp.com, which told me that it never sold or redistributed those email addresses. However, I no longer offer a newsletter, and I have deleted my MailChimp.com account. My understanding is that this website does not collect or store any cookies or other user information. I have verified this by checking with my webhost and also by running an online scan. There are no sales or user accounts available through this website. I have never sold or shared any website user information with third parties other than the aforementioned previous use of MailChimp. I do not want to collect any information about anyone who has viewed my website, with the exception of blocking IP addresses associated with attempted unauthorized logins (attempts to hack this website).

When I did offer a newsletter through this website, subscribing to my newsletter did not establish any professional relationship with me, nor did it/does it indicate in any way that I am your therapist.  

I, Andrea Bell, am the sole owner and publisher of this website. All opinions expressed here are my own, unless specifically noted otherwise. No advertising or outside funding contributes to the creation, publication or maintenance of this website.

If you are experiencing any kind of emergency, please call 9-1-1 and/or go to your nearest emergency room immediately.

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