Sustainability Resources

This page is an ongoing collection. Here are many of the things I’ve found helpful in my quest to promote regeneration and sustainability at all levels. Please continue to visit this page, as I will continue to add to it and reorganize it as I learn about more resources.

Note: This page is focused on resources local to Southern CA residents; however, I will also include national/international resources.

City of Long Beach Sustainability: This web page links the viewer to many sustainability options offered by the City of Long Beach, including the Green Business Program, sustainable home practices, and more.

The Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewards are specialists in local sustainability. They support many ecologically sensitive areas in our great urban sprawl, specializing in wetlands and coastal sage scrub ecosystems.

Become a certified California Naturalist! This semester long course provides a broad but thorough overview of how natural systems work on our planet. This is a well respected, science based program through the University of California.

ChipDrop! This innovative program allows gardeners to register to receive free deliveries of wood chips. As you may know, using shredded woodchips/mulch as ground cover has several advantages. It’s a tremendous soil builder, reduces waste and recycles organic matter.

The California Native Plant Society is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of California’s precious native plants, and the biomes they define.  I can’t say enough about how vital it is to support CNPS, as we are a biodiversity hotspot here in California; our plants are fundamental to this and they are increasingly threatened by development and other human encroachments.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Claremont, CA, includes a large botanical garden with areas dedicated to different plant communities. It also includes a wonderful native plant nursery.Tree of Life Nursery is a native plant nursery located in the foothills of Ortega Highway in San Juan Capistrano. It’s just next door to Caspers Park, a savannah/oak woodland park, and the beauty of both of them makes the pilgrimage worth it.  

Rain Barrels International provides support for rainwater harvesting and storage–an excellent solution in our overstressed watershed. Their barrels are recycled food grade barrels that are diverted from landfills. The barrels are vector (insect control) certified and are eligible for rebates.

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy is a local land preserve staffed by many dedicated people from four different local cities.  It offers nature, education, hiking and hope.

The El Dorado Nature Center is an oasis, an opportunity to lose yourself in nature in the middle of our large urban sprawl. It includes examples of several local biomes and restoration efforts.  

Madrona Marsh is a former oil field, restored to a vernal (seasonal) wetland. Like the El Dorado Nature Center, it serves as an urban refuge for humans and wildlife alike; and includes a lovely nature center.

BYO Long Beach provides reusable options that you can use instead of all that plastic and styrofoam. Hurrah!

I am currently engaged in an Ecotherapy program offered by Holos Institute. I am finding Jan and Mary to be wonderful and wise teachers and facilitators of eco-centered healing.

I have also had the pleasure of training with Ariana Candell, LMFT, Hakomi practitioner and founder of the EarthBody institute.

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